• Training and

    Training and Development

    Skypine is committed to providing professional training and career development opportunities for all employees. Through classroom training, online learning and on-the-job experience, we help our employees develop their skills and achieve their expectations and business goals.


    We provide support and information to help our employees do well, make informed decisions about their careers, and plan their career development according to their interests.

  • Employee

    Employee's compensation

    Skypine offers a competitive compensation package that includes:

    a fixed salary received on a regular basis

    Variable pay - may include annual bonuses, as well as other long-term cash awards


    We have this total compensation philosophy:

    Pay employees based on performance. This concept is implemented throughout the company, rewarding employees based on company and individual performance.

  • employee benefit

    The benefit plan is one of the most important components of total compensation. We offer a range of benefit plans to meet your needs, including:

    cash allowancesocial insuranceOther forms of cash and non-cash benefits (e.g., holiday gifts, annual leave, birthday gifts, etc.)

    We offer a comprehensive range of market-competitive benefits to help employees balance their professional and personal lives.