New Year message to all colleagues 2022返回列表


let us join hands, unity, to create a better tomorrow!

The past 2021 is the most special year in the 16-year history of SKYPINE Electronics. In this year, we have encountered unprecedented difficulties. Funds, epidemic and lack of core are tortuous to all of our nerves all the time; At the same time, we have also carried out unprecedented reforms. We have officially started the process of closing our factory in Shenzhen, and we have started a new journey in Zhengzhou. Looking back at the past year, there are failures and gains, but the gains are far greater than the failures, which is inseparable from our hard work.

In the face of the epidemic, the Department of General Management has done sufficient protection work in epidemic prevention and control. Especially during the epidemic in Shenzhen in June, I am very pleased that the factory was not shut down due to the epidemic. At the same time, during the flood and epidemic in Zhengzhou, several of our colleagues continued to assist in the construction of the new factory in Zhengzhou, regardless of inconvenience and danger, laying a solid foundation for our production transfer starting in August. In addition, we should not forget the power rationing period at the end of September and the beginning of October. In order to maintain production, our colleagues led by the manufacturing center stayed up late and worked overtime. I would like to praise this spirit of not afraid of hardship!


Also in the past year, we lost two important backbone, Peng and Dai, but I am also pleased that the successors have done a very perfect succession and did not worry me. The work has not been affected, and in a sense I can say that they have done a better job, especially in the case of the closure of the factory and the implementation of the new office, the general management department has done a good job in a short time of seemingly impossible tasks. I hope you continue to persist and do better.

No matter whether the external environment gets better or worse in 2022, I am confident that I will lead you to continue to move forward and make progress. The difficulties encountered in 2021 will certainly be well solved in 2022. In the New Year, the new Skypine will be light, the bus has become a super car, there is no reason to run faster. Here, I would like to say thank you to the colleagues who have and will leave SKYPINE. The 16 years of SKYPINE can not be separated from your efforts. There are your indelible bits and pieces here. At the same time, for the colleagues who continue to choose to stick to the new day to fight side by side, let us join hands, unity, to create a better tomorrow!